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Heavy equipment operators work hard, and so does their equipment.

Bulldozers, excavators, trucks,backhoes, forklifts, and other heavy machinery are constantly exposed to rigorous work conditions on a regular basis.

The operators of these vehicles rely on the windshield as protection to keep them safe.

When cracks, chips, or brakes happen, they need to be repaired quickly to prevent future damage and to keep the operators safe.   Many things can damage and jeopardize the integrity of  the glass on your heavy equipment.

The most common reasons damage occurs to windshields on heavy equipment include:

OSHA and FMCSA Requirements

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), heavy machinery must have “an intact windshield with working windshield wipers”.

OSHA has strict guidelines for operator safety.  And damaged glass poses a serious hazard to the equipment operator and others as well.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has its own guidelines for semi/truck drivers. 

They require that a driver’s view of the road can’t be compromised by a damaged windshield.

Damage includes brakes, chips, cracks, windshield obstructions, and discoloration.

Glass that has breaks or cracks lose their integrity, can’t provide ample protection, and don’t meet the OSHA requirements for you to keep your operator safe.

An inspection by the Department of Transportation (DOG) or a stop by law-enforcement with a damaged windshield can incur you penalties and fines. 

Warning Signs of Window Issues

Many machine operators and owners think window breaks or cracks are the only signs of window damage.

Although cracks are a common indicator of damage that’s resulted in a loss of window integrity, there are many other warning signs as well.

Cracks come in many forms and are a major noticeable sign of window damage.  Some forms of cracks include:

Warning signs of window issues include

Heavy Equipment We Repair

At Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we provide window repairs for all types of equipment including:

We can help you with regular windshield and window maintenance that reduces costly future repairs.   We can also help fix and replace cabin windshields and windows.   We do repairs in our shop, and on-site emergency repairs as well.   Click Here to contact us today to learn more


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