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Utility Trucks

There are many different types of utility vehicles that have many different purposes. Summer run by big diesel engines, others are run by small batteries such as golf carts.

Some main categories of utility vehicles include:

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    Utility Trucks

    Utility trucks are light trucks that are bigger than mini trucks but smaller than heavy and medium trucks.

    They usually carry small or medium-sized cargo that can fit in its cargo compartment, also known as a utility bed.  Many utility beds are 7-8 feet long and are located at the back of the truck.

    Utility trucks have ample storage for tools needed on service jobs.  There are many different styles, from a basic truck to models with cranes attached.

    Types of Utility Trucks

    There are many different types of utility trucks depending on their needs. They’re typically classified by the type of body they have. Some common utility trucks include

    Standard Bodies

    The standard service body is the simplest and most common.  It features storage cabinets on each side of the body, often used to house tools and equipment. But the middle is still hollow, so you can still use the bed of the truck for transporting large items if necessary.

    Service beds are typically made out of aluminum so they are lightweight and require less fuel and don’t rust.

    Landscape Bodies

    Landscape body trucks are built to carry debris from landscaping. It is a large box that looks similar to a dump truck, but with no dumping feature. 

    The entire back of the truck is a door that swings open to allow for easier loading and unloading.

    Most utility vehicles handle heavy workloads, operate in hazardous work environments, and experience extra wear-and -tear and strain on vehicle parts including the engine

    At Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we specialize in maintaining, servicing, and repairing most types of utility vehicles.  We work on utility vehicles such as:

    Enclosed Bodies

    Enclosed bodied trucks resemble vans and are covered for greater inside storage. There are many different options depending on things such as if you want windows or not

    The back of the enclosed body has a door that you can use to enter the back of the truck.

    Platform Bodies

    The platform body is a flat platform installed on the bed of the truck and is designed to haul machinery and other heavy materials.  They’re typically used for commercial purposes and can carry several tons of material at once. The platform usually doesn’t have any storage.

    Crane Bodies

    A crane service body has a crane that extends from the body. The service bed also has storage on each side just like the standard body. The middle of the truck contains the crane.

    Steel Bodies

    Steel service bodies look the same as the standard bodies, but they are made out of steel instead of aluminum. Steel provides benefits including durability, but also require more fuel to operate due to increased weight.

    Dump Bodies

    A dump body turns your truck into a dump truck. The dump bodies are available in two different options: one that has raised sides and one that has no sides.  Each of the bodies also comes with storage on both sides of the truck.

    Utility Truck Inspections

    The best way to maintain any utility vehicles is to perform regular inspections. These inspections can help find issues before they escalate to serious problems.  Thorough inspection can include:

    At Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we can help perform regular inspections and maintenance to keep your utility trucks running optimally.

    Utility Truck Maintenance

    Utility vehicles experience more heavy use than regular vehicles. As such, they require more ongoing preventative maintenance to help avoid serious expensive-to-fix repairs.

    Normal maintenance and servicing on utility trucks should include looking at:

    At Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we can help perform regular inspections and maintenance to keep your utility trucks running optimally.

    Utility Truck Repairs

    Even with consistent maintenance, utility vehicles still will need repairs as they accumulate wear and tear and age.

    Some of the most common repairs needed on them include:

    Even though these are the most common issues utility trucks, many other issues can arise that also need repair including issues with:


    Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami is your source for utility vehicle maintenance and servicing at affordable prices.You can bring your truck to our location to have our factory-certified mechanics do regular maintenance and repairs. We also have tow and roadside assistance services.You can also take advantage of our on-site mobile repairs and emergency repair services.


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