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Semi Trucks

Semi trucks typically carry very heavy cargo, putting extra strain on the truck which often results in a need for ongoing maintenance and repair.

Some of the most common maintenance and repairs semi trucks require include:


Tires are often considered the most important part of any vehicle because they’re the only contact point your truck has with the road.

Tires can also be a safety hazard when not properly maintained.  It’s estimated that more than 50% of all truck roadside failures are due to tire issues.  Most of these issues are caused by things like:

Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers, also called reefer units, are critical for shipping temperature-controlled freight.

When a reefer breaks down, it must be repaired quickly to prevent freight damage and spoilage which could lead to health issues

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    Electrical System

    The electrical system which consists of the alternator, battery, and starter motor, commonly has issues with semi trucks.


    Common signs of issues with the electrical system include


    Nearly 30% of semi truck accidents are caused by brake issues per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

    Semi truck brake systems are exposed to consistent heat pressure and friction, which causes additional wear and tear.  Most brake issues are specifically caused by:


    Diesel engines are particularly prone to engine issues.  Engine issues are even more common with semi trucks due to the extra strain they experience with the heavy loads these trucks are responsible for carrying.

    Some signs of engine trouble include:

    Semi Truck Maintenance

    Maintenance is essential to keep semi trucks running as they should.Because of the heavy loads and strain on the engine and vehicle, if preventative maintenance isn’t performed,  it can quickly escalate to severe issues that require major repairs or replacement. Semi trucks are very complicated vehicles that require thorough inspections including things like:


    Semi trucks are very complicated vehicles that require thorough inspections including things like:

    And we can help with semi-trailer maintenance and repair services including:

    Maintenance and Repairs

    Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami specializes in maintaining and repairing semi trucks.Our factory certified mechanics and technicians can maintain and service in our shop, provide a tow to our facility, or deploy our Rapid Response Team for on-site mobile repairs and roadside assistance.

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