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Liftgate Repairs

Liftgates are common on many types of commercial vehicles including box trucks.

Liftgates provide a lot of benefits including:

​Get Fast and Affordable Repairs

    Unfortunately, there are just as many issues that cause liftgates to need repaired as the benefits they provide.

    Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami can help with a regular maintenance plan to prevent the need for liftgate repairs.

    We can also help deliver fast repairs when you do have a lift gate breakdown. Common issues with liftgates include:

    Preventative Maintenance

    Want to extend the life of your liftgate?

    These simple maintenance steps can ensure your liftgate continues to work properly and prolong the lifespan of your lift gate.

    These simple maintenance steps can ensure your liftgate continues to work properly and prolong the lifespan of your lift gate.

    Liftgate Installation

    As mentioned, liftgates provide massive benefits to your workers and your business.

    If you’re thinking of installing lift gates on vehicles in your fleet, there’s a few things to consider.

    Hydraulic or Mechanical

    When choosing the proper type of lift gate to install, take into consideration lift capacity you’ll need.  Hydraulic liftgates are robust and work well on uneven surfaces. These are also a great choice for heavy cargo.

    Mechanical lift gates work well for lighter cargo and typically cost less to buy, install, and maintain than hydraulically lifts. 

    Platform Size

    Choosing the proper platform size for your lift gate should take into consideration the size of the freight or cargo you’ll need to lift.

    Obviously, larger cargo loads or heavier ones require larger and more robust platforms.

    Platform Construction

    Liftgates typically have two forms, ones made from steel or ones made from aluminum.

    Steel platforms are economical but may be prone to rust.

    Aluminum works well and is less weight to open and close than steel; however, it is more expensive.

    Type of Gate

    There are two main types of liftgates, rail gates and truck-under liftgates.

    The truck under liftgate is just like it sounds, it conveniently can be stored under the truck.

    A rail gay attaches to the back of the truck and covers up a portion of the rear door when not being used

    Heavy Equipment Repair Miami provides maintenance, repair, and replacement of liftgates.

    We perform services in our shop, on-site, and in emergency situations

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