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When you own a food truck, your vehicle is your business.  any kind of repair that’s needed can shut down your entire operation for days or even weeks.


To avoid expensive repairs, you should create a regular inspection and maintenance schedule for your truck.


Your inspection should include looking at things such as:

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    Food Truck Maintenance

    Proper preventative maintenance of your food truck is essential to avoid more severe and costly repairs.  There are many things on your truck you should constantly maintain.


    It’s worth it to put high-quality tires on your truck considering the mileage you’ll be driving and the additional weight of things like kitchen equipment that’s being added to the vehicle.

    You should also regularly inspect your tires for things like additional wear, tire pressure, and tread left on the tires.

    Fix or replace tires before they’re needed so you don’t run in to more serious issues like blowouts that can result in an accident.


     Checking filters in your truck should be part of normal maintenance. This includes filters such as air and fuel.

    Issues with air filters can cause health problems, well issues with oil filters can let debris end of the oil creating severe engine problems that could result in a need for an engine replacement.

    Windshield and Wipers

    What appears to be a simple issue such as a crack in the window can quickly escalate to a much more severe issue.

    This can cause all types of safety concerns including making the windshield harder to see out of and diminishing the integrity of the glass.

    You should also immediately replace any wipers as they wear. This is a cheap placement that can help you easily improve safety.

    And, keep an eye on fluids such as windshield wiper fluid to make sure your wipers work when you need them the most.

    Belts & Hoses

    Normal maintenance of your food truck should include a look at your belts and hoses. Do a basic inspection looking for cracking, leaking, fraying, or other signs of wear and tear.

    Belts and hoses are easy and affordable to replace. But when not managed properly, normal wear can lead to severe issues with the vehicle and engine.


     Food truck maintenance should include a regular check of your battery to ensure it’s secured, connections are tight, and to see if there’s water that needs to be added.

    Adverse weather conditions such as Florida’s heat and humidity often times create extra wear on batteries and radically shorten their lifespan.

    A dead battery can prevent you from being on time to events, missing catering opportunities, and can damage your reputation and credibility with customers.

    So, ensure that regular battery maintenance and servicing is done for your food truck


     For your truck to work optimally, there’s a lot of fluids that are needed to stay at the proper levels.

    When fluids drop below the recommended levels, it can cause serious damage to parts of your vehicle including the transmission and engine.

    A little thing such as not putting the proper fluids in when needed can cause serious issues that may even require a transmission or engine replacement

    Fluids you should regularly check include:

    Food Truck Repairs

    Food trucks may experience problems that escalate to requiring major repairs.  Common problems with food trucks that often require repair include:

    1.Overheating Engine

    Food trucks are basically a business on wheels. Because of this, they can often get overworked.

    Part of this is due to them staying running for long periods of time.  And other factors are variables like extra wear and strain due the extra weight of equipment within the vehicle such as cooktops and ovens. 

    An overheating engine requires thorough diagnostics to locate the exact issue. It can be caused by things like a leaking radiator, damage to cooling fans, or even leakage of coolant.

    An overheating issue is a sign of engine trouble that can’t be ignored. If it is, it can become an even bigger problem that could require an expensive engine replacement instead of just a simple repair.

    Other engine problems that can lead to overheating include:

    2.Transmission Issues

    Your truck can be put out of commission with engine issues as well as transmission issues.

    Your truck‘s transmission transfers power from the engine to its wheels.  Some common transmission issues for food trucks include:

    All of these are signs of what could potentially be a serious transmission issue. The longer the problem persists, the more expensive repairs can be, sometimes even requiring replacement.

    At Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we specialize in fast and affordable transmission maintenance, repair, and replacement.

    3.Wheel and Axle Issues

     Food trucks typically experience overuse because of the heavy kitchen equipment they typically hold. This puts an extra strain on the vehicle, especially its axles and wheels.

    Signs of potential issues with your wheels and axles may include:

    Regular maintenance of your food truck is essential, especially for wheels and axles.

    A failure in regular maintenance can lead to more severe issues, and can make the vehicle harder to drive because of things like misalignment.

    At Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we specialize in the maintenance, and repair of these types of regular issues..

    Food Truck Servicing

    Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami is your source for food truck maintenance and repair.

    Our team of factory certified technicians and mechanics can help you set up a regular maintenance schedule.

    This preventative maintenance schedule can keep your truck running optimally, and minimize the need for serious repairs.

    If you do run into issues that require repairs, we can help fix the issue the right way the first time and do so quickly to get your truck back to work.

    You can bring your truck into our shop, we can provide a tow, or we can deploy our Rapid Response Team to come to you for mobile on-site maintenance and repair.

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