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Engine Repair​

Heavy equipment machines are complex.  They require regular maintenance to operate as they should.

And even with regular maintenance, hazardous job site conditions can still cause equipment breakdowns that bring the job site to a standstill.

The most severe issues that require repair typically involve the engine.  Getting the problem fixed correctly and fast is essential to getting your equipment and workers back to productivity.

There’s many types of engines you may face that require repair. 

The most common reasons equipment breakdowns and engine failure occur include:

Avoiding these issues will help prevent more serious problems such as engine failure. 

Other common issues to avoid and signs to look for can include:

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    Your crew gets to the job site, turns the key to fire up their equipment, but nothing happens.  Engine starting issues are very common with heavy equipment, especially when weather conditions rapidly change or due to exposure to extreme cold or humidity.

    There are a number of issues that can prevent an engine from starting including issues with:

    Blowing Smoke

    Different colored exhaust smoke doesn’t just create hazardous work conditions for workers, it’s also a clear indicator of possible engine trouble. 

    Some common types of smoke you may see include:

    Black Smoke

    Black smoke is a sign of a possible incorrect air to fuel ratio, which can be caused by a lot of factors including:

    Blue Smoke

    Blue smoke is common when the engine is burning oil. There could be several reasons for this including:

    White Smoke

    White smoke is a sign that the machine may have too much fuel or no enough heat.  Either of these lead to incorrect combustion, which is often caused by:

    Our shop is clean, organized, and capable of handling the largest heavy-duty equipment machines on the market. We have the necessary lifts, tools, and resources to handle complex repairs and replacements and preventive maintenance on an ongoing basis.


    Many problems with heavy equipment are caused by improper or a lack of maintenance that leads to things like dirty filters.Dirty filters cause a lot of issues that can lead to a need for engine repair.  Some types of common filter issues include problems with:

    Fuel Filters

    Fuel filters can easily become clogged because of microbiological growth or a build up of sludge or gelation in fuel tanks. 

    A lack of proper fuel flow can cause any number of serious issues that can result in a ceasing of your engine.

    Air Filters

    Air filters that are too dirty or completely clogged reduce engine performance and can lead to more serious issues including engine breakdown.

    When equipment is operating in dirty or dusty job sites like it typically is, then air filters can become too restricted.

    Air filter maintenance and cleaning can prevent serious problems, and our Mobile Maintenance Services can get you the ongoing help your equipment needs.

    Oil Filters

    Oil filters often get blocked without proper maintenance, reducing engine performance and sometimes causing a complete engine failure.

    This is often caused by combustion byproducts.  When engine load increases by a large amount, the EGR system gets out of balance or coolant gets stuck in the oil cooler causing issues.

    Insufficient Lubrication

    Insufficient lubrication is a leading cause of equipment and engine failure.  This can often be prevented with routine inspections and regular maintenance.

    Make sure before starting any piece of equipment , operators remember to check the engine, transmission, gear box, coolant tank and other critical parts for proper fluid levels.

    Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami specializes in heavy equipment maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

    We provide emergency repair service for your most dire situations when you need results fast.

    And, our factory certified technicians and mechanics can conduct your repairs in our shop or on-site with the help of our Rapid Response Team.

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