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Electrical Repairs

Equipment breakdowns do the electrical repairs are stressful for your operators, supervisors, and paying for your entire crew who rely on all machinery to function to get the job done right.

An electrical issue that causes the loss of operation of even one single piece of machinery can bring an entire jobsite to a standstill where it will remain that way until that piece of equipment is repaired.

Needless to say, the downtime can cause a tremendous amount of additional cost and frustration to your team, operation, and your company as a whole.

Diesel engines are very complex and also have very complicated electrical systems.

Attempting any kind of repair without a proper diagnostic can waste tremendous amounts of time and money.

At Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we have the most advanced equipment to quickly diagnose mechanical issues and provide the map for our technicians to know what needs to be fixed.

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    Here’s some of the most common mechanical issues with heavy equipment that we fix.

    Malfunctioning Glow Plugs

    Glow plugs heat an element inside each cylinder that allow diesel fuel to combust and your engine to get started.

    During winter months especially, these glow plugs can stop working, preventing your equipment engines from getting started.

    When this happens, the issue can quickly be diagnosed and the malfunctioning plugs replaced so your back is operational fast.


    Dead Batteries

    Because of the amount of power heavy equipment needs to operate, dead batteries are a common issue.

    Plus, many types of heavy-duty trucks and equipment with diesel engines also have diesel electric starters.

    Diesel electric starters often need repairs because they draw power from the same battery that powers everything else in your vehicle including lights, wipers, and HVAC components.

    Whether you’re in need of dead batteries being replaced, or diesel electric starters being fixed or replaced, Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami can diagnose and repair the issue quickly getting you back to work

    Headlight Issues

    If turning on your headlights doesn’t brighten and illuminate the road ahead, you may be having headlight issues which are common with many types of heavy equipment.

    These issues make it hard for your drivers to see the road ahead and maKe it difficult for oncoming traffic to see your vehicle, creating unnecessary safety issues for your drivers and their equipment.

    Plus, headlight issues make it more difficult to function during nighttime operations, costing you valuable working hours.

    We can help quickly diagnose these issues and repair or replace unoperational equipment to maximize the efficiency of your headlights to make your vehicles safer and more productive at all hours of the day and night

    Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami can help quickly fix your electrical issues with our on-site and emergency repair programs.

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    Poor Battery Life

    Diesel batteries commonly last between 12 and 36 months.

    But, factors like the grueling Florida heat, overuse, and poor maintenance, can drastically reduce this time requiring batteries be replaced sooner.

    We can help you set up a regular maintenance plan and help drastically reduce your need for battery replacement.

    This will reduce the time that you need to replace your batteries, keep your equipment functioning longer, and eliminate the expense for unnecessary battery replacements


    Diesel Fuel Pump Failure

    Diesel engine electrical issues and diesel pump wear and tear caused by too much friction between the diesel fuel pump gears, often result in a complete failure of the fuel pump.

    Diesel fuel pump failures will result in starting issues

    Plus, diesel electrical starters also rely on diesel fuel pumps to operate properly, so if there’s an issue there you may be faced with even bigger issues.

    Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami specializes in fixing issues with diesel fuel pumps and diesel electrical starters to get you up and running quickly.

    We can help quickly diagnose these issues and repair or replace unoperational equipment to maximize the efficiency of your headlights to make your vehicles safer and more productive at all hours of the day and night


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