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Diesel Trucks

Most medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks handle  heavy loads, operate in hazardous work environments, and experience extra wear-and-tear and strain on vehicle parts including the engineAt Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we specialize in maintaining, servicing, and repairing most types of diesel trucks and engines. 

We work on diesel  trucks such as:

We also work on all types of semi-trucks including:

And, we work on all types of garbage trucks including:

Plus, we can service and repair many types of tow trucks including:

Diesel Truck Inspections

The best way to maintain any diesel truck is to perform regular inspections. These inspections can help find issues before they escalate to serious problems. 

Thorough inspection can include:

At Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we can help perform regular inspections and maintenance to keep your diesel trucks running optimally.

Diesel Truck Maintenance

 Diesel trucks experience more heavy use than regular vehicles. As such, they require more ongoing preventative maintenance to help avoid serious expensive-to-fix repairs.

Normal maintenance and servicing on diesel trucks should include looking at::

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    Diesel Truck Repairs

    Even with consistent maintenance, diesel trucks still will need repairs as they accumulate wear and tear and age.

    Some of the most common repairs needed on diesel trucks include:

    Even though these are the most common issues to diesel trucks, many other issues can arise that also need repair including issues with:

     And we can help with semi-trailer maintenance and repair services including:

    Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami is your source for diesel truck maintenance and servicing at affordable prices.You can bring your truck to our location to have our factory-certified mechanics do regular maintenance and repairs. We also have tow and roadside assistance services.You can also take advantage of our on-site mobile repairs and emergency repair services.

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