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Cylinder Head Resurfacing

Cylinder head resurfacing can fix a variety of issues with heavy equipment.


Some common reasons you may need cylinder head resurfacing include:

Whatever the reason may be for needing head resurfacing, it needs to be done correctly. 

This is because once metal is removed, you can’t get it back without incurring a massive additional expense.

This means you have only one chance to get it done right, and this is exactly what Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami can help you do.

Our technicians have decades of experience fixing leaks by resurfacing cylinder heads.

We can do repairs in our shop or on-site.  We can even help with emergency repairs to get your machine back to work quickly, even in the most dire situations.

Why Cylinder Head Resurfacing is Necessary

For a head to seal properly, a head gasket requires a surface finish that’s within a certain range.

To seal properly, a head gasket requires a surface finish that is within a recommended range. specifications vary depending on the type of head gasket.

But if the surface is too rough or smooth, the gasket may not seal properly and leak. 

How to Get the Proper Cylinder Head Finish

Achieving the perfect smooth finish needed to avoid leaks in many of today’s aluminum heads requires the right combination of equipment and experience.

Most repair shops don’t have access to the machines or training to properly fix the issue. 

This can result in the problem not being fixed, or even worse it can provide only a temporary fix where the machine breaks down again soon after repairs.

There’s many variables to getting the heads fixed properly to avoid future issues, leaks, and blown gaskets.  Some of these include;

To achieve smoother finishes required by many of today’s aluminum heads; you have to use the right combination of table feed and rpm when milling the cylinder head.

Bottom line, to get it right you need to work with a repair shop that has the proper equipment and experience that Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami has.

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    Can the Finish Be Too Smooth?

    Very smooth surfaces are required for most head gaskets to properly function. Smoother finishes help improve cold sealing and prevent most leaks.


    But, there is such a thing as too smooth.  For example, most manufacturers say the surface should not be smoother than 30 RA for most graphite head gaskets due to their support from the head and block.


    Knowing these variables is criticism to getting the job done right the first time, which is what Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami is best known for.

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