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Boom Trucks​

Boom trucks are a popular type of mobile crane. They can be driven on public roads by someone who has a CDL license.

Boom trucks are one type of crane. Other types include:

Fixed Cab

Fixed cab boom trucks only have one cab. This cab is used for the driver. And is where all boom controls are situated. This is where the operator will work during the lift.

A fixed cab boom truck looks like a standard truck with a boom on the back. They are shorter and more compact than swing cabs.  The smaller size allows for easier maneuverability.

The biggest negative from fixed cab boom trucks is because the cabin is static, the operator is restricted in the types of lifts they can perform.

This can be an issue for lifts where better visibility is essential, like in a case where there are many existing structures on the site.

Swing Cab

Swing cab boom trucks  have swing seats.  They have a separate operator’s cab that is mounted on the flatbed. It is attached to and will move and rotate with the boom.

Plus, the operator’s field of vision is greater with swing cabs, which is why it’s better for more intricate and delicate jobs.

The benefits of swing cabs is why they’re oftentimes preferred over fixed.

Boom Truck Cranes

Boom truck cranes, also known as boom cranes, are the most common type of boom truck.  They typically have a telescopic arm and work like a typical crane to lift and move heavy loads.

Plus, they come with the additional benefit of being mobile.  Their arm has two primary parts, the main boom and the jib.

The most common accessory for boom cranes is a hook in a sling at the tip.

On average, boom cranes can handle loads between 10 and 60 tonnes, depending on the model and manufacturer.

Bucket Trucks

Boom trucks are designed to move things, bucket trucks move people.  If you need to elevate workers, bucket trucks are the best option..

These cranes come with a platform where people can stand and work and still have room for their tools.

Bucket trucks are typically built out of fiberglass, and for worker safety, are surrounded by a railing or wall

Telescopic vs. Articulating

Boom trucks are often classified into two categories based on their flexibility:


An articulated boom truck has a segmented boom that can hinge at various angles, allowing it to be flexible.

This type of boom truck is better in close or narrow spaces because it can move over and around obstacles.


A telescopic boom truck has a straight boom.  They provide greater extension than articulated units, and are commonly used in open spaces such as construction sites.

Boom Truck Maintenance

Greasing boom truck parts is essential.  There’s so many parts that need to be oiled, having a plan to stay on top of a schedule is important.

The following are basic recommended intervals for when you should swap out liquids for various parts of your boom truck.  It will vary based on manufacture

Boom Truck Maintenance Checklist

Regular boom truck maintenance should include examining the truck’s core components to spot problems and failures early before they become a serious problem.

A basic boom truck maintenance schedule should include:

Proper boom truck maintenance is essential to prevent more costly repairs and keep your trucks functioning at optimal levels.

Heavy equipment repairs Miami can help maintain your fleet of trucks in our shop by our factory certified mechanics and technicians.

We can also assist with tows, roadside assistance, on-site mobile repairs, and emergency repairs.

Boom Truck Repairs

Even with regular maintenance, repairs are commonly needed with boom trucks.  Some of the most common repairs include:

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