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Heavy equipment operation requires skill,concentration, and focus to be done right and safely.But it’s hard for your team to do their best when they’re profusely sweating because the air conditioning in their equipment is broken and not working correctly.

Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami specializes in:

Maintaining your AC unit is the key to it running as it should.  Repairing AC equipment is sometimes needed when your unit isn’t running smoothly or at all.  And replacement is necessary when your air conditioning experienced catastrophic failure.


Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami specializes in air conditioning maintenance, replacement, and repair in most types of heavy equipment with environmentally controlled cabs.


And, we also specialize in installing HVAC systems into most types of equipment that don’t already have environmentally controlled cabs now.


We provide you fast and flawless repairs in our shop in local Miami.  Or, we can come to you with our on-site mobile repair services for more convenience.  You can even access our emergency repair services for your most dire situations.


Air conditioning problems can occur with all types of heavy equipment.  This is why it’s essential you work with a company that has experience installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers.


Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami provides maintenance and repair services for most heavy equipment machine companies including:


When it comes to getting the repair and installation help you need, we provide a wide variety of services including:

​Get Fast and Affordable Repairs

    Here’s more details on the heavy equipment air conditioning repair, maintenance, and repair services we provide..

    Climate Control Installation

    What happens when you purchase new or pre-owned equipment that never had air conditioning, but now you want it installed?

    Our factory-certified technicians have vast experience installing, maintaining, and servicing HVAC systems with most heavy equipment machine companies.

    This helps you convert most cabs that don’t already have air conditioning into environmentally controlled cabs instead.  This additional comfort helps your team work at their best producing better results more efficiently.

    HVAC Service and Repair

    Of all the things that can go wrong with heavy equipment, in Miami losing air conditioning is one of the worse for your operators.

    A loss of AC here can make work unbearable for your team, slowing or even stopping jobs from getting done.

    Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami specializes in providing the repair services you need most to quickly get your HVAC systems back in operation.

    And, since we work with systems from most manufacturers, one call to our team can get almost all of your equipment repaired and serviced.

    Auxiliary Power Unit Repair

    An APU failure is a common debilitating  problem that can render your air Conditioning useless.

    When this happens, getting it fixed quickly can be the difference between completing a job on time or not at all.

    Our certified technicians and mechanics have decades of experience fixing and replacing broken APUs from a wide variety of manufacturers.

    Whether fixing it in our shop or coming to you for a see less on-site mobile repair, we can have your APU repaired quickly so your team can get back to work.

    Repairing Bad Thermostats

    When the thermostat within an AC unit breaks, the unit will cease operating. 

    Our technicians are armed with special equipment to quickly identify this issue and fix or replace the thermostat to restore your unit back to optimal performance.

    Clogged Air Filters

    Most heavy equipment is used for the dirtiest of jobs.  As a result, oftentimes air filters get coated with dirt and debris.

    This coating of dirt and debris typically inhibits flow in the air handler. This restricted  air flow can cause the unit to overwork, which

    could result in more serious problems.

    Our professional team can unclog and clean filters to nearly new-like conditions helping air flow freely and maximizing the effects of your air conditioning unit.

    Drain Line Cleaning

    A clogged drain pipe is the most common type of air conditioning unit issues, and flushing the system is the most common solution.

    Our team of technicians can flush your  system with a speciality rinse that’s designed to alleviate even the worst of clogs quickly.

    We can perform this drain line cleaning on-site or in our shop, whichever is most convenient for you.

    Fixing Bad Relays or Contacts

    Sometimes, an air conditioning unit ceases and stops working due to a bad relay or contact. 

    This requires skilled technicians to run specialized tests to diagnose where within the unit the problem may be.

    Once our expert team identifies the exact location of the problem, they’ll get to work repairing or replacing the relay or contact and have your unit blowing cold air again.

    Repairing Bad Capacitors

    If your AC unit doesn’t blow cold air or makes a humming noise, a bad capacitor could be atfault.

    Our team will run diagnostics to verify the issue, then use specialized equipment to repair or replace the capacitor.

    Fixing Bad Compressors

    A lack of cold air or a noisy unit may indicate a faulty compressor.

    Our certified technicians use speciality equipment to identify the issue and determine if the compressor can be fixed or if it needs replaced.

    Repairs and replacement can be done in our shop or on-site.

    Repairing Bad Condenser Fan Motors

    An AC unit that won’t start, won’t stop, or rotates slowly may have a faulty condenser fan motor.

    Our expert team will identify the exact problem and  get to work repairing or replacing the fan and have your unit blowing cold air again.

    Fixing Bad Blower Motors

    If an AC unit stops blowing air all together, the issue may be a bad blower motor. 

    Our certified technicians use speciality equipment to identify the issue and determine if the motor can be fixed or if it needs replaced.

    Repairs and replacement can be done in our shop or on-site.

    Dirty Coils Need Cleaning

    Dirty AC coils can sometimes result in a frozen coil, which will cease your AC operation.

    Our team will run diagnostics to verify the issue, then use a specialized cleaning fluid to restore your coils to near factory-new conditions.

    Refrigerant or Freon Replenishing

    Refrigerant, also known as Freon, is the chemical that takes regular air and cools it.

    Many times your AC system may not be broken at all, it’s just low on Freon or refrigerant, usually the result of some type of leak within the system. 

    Our technicians will run diagnostics to verify your coolant levels and check for and locate leaks in your system. 

    Once diagnostics are completed, our team will repair any leaks if needed and replenish refrigerant levels to get your air conditioning running again.


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