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About Our Company

Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami is a family-run business with an outstanding reputation and decades of experience with heavy equipment repairs.

When you need repairs done quickly, affordably, and completed the right way the first time, we’re here to help.


At Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we provide repairs of all types of equipment including:

At Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami, we know that time is money and understand the quicker your repairs are completed, the faster your equipment is back to work making money for your business.

This is why we specialize in providing you FAST repairs, whether in our shop or on-site in Miami and surrounding areas.

Plus, we can provide you emergency repair services with short notice, so you get the equipment repairs you need when you need them.

We provide you access to the most essential repair services to get your equipment back up-and-running quickly.

Some Services We Provide Include:

Providing so many diverse services for such a large array of heavy equipment is one of many reasons so many Miami area businesses trust Heavy Equipment Repairs Miami.

Our certified mechanics have decades of experience repairing all types of heavy equipment.  This is why many other repair shops often refer customers to us to handle the most difficult jobs they can’t.

And, we’re here when you need us most, offering services such as on-site repairs.

On-site Mobile Repairs

As you know, when a major piece of equipment breaks down your job often stops or is delayed.  This is why it’s essential to get your equipment operational quickly.

But, many types of heavy equipment aren’t easy or cheap to transport. 

This is when our on-site and mobile repair services become important. 

Our certified technicians and mechanics will load into one of our fleet maintenance vehicles known as our “Fix It Fast Fleet” and head to your location for repairs.

Our Fix It Fast Fleet vehicles are stocked with the tools and resources needed to handle even the most complicated repairs.

And, our expert mechanics will scope-out the project before leaving the shop and bring along the parts needed to get the repairs done quickly and proficiently.

As a result, Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami is your one-stop-shop for every one of your fleet maintenance needs. We repair a wide range of equipment, including:

Mobile, On-site repair services are available for most types of equipment including:

Our mobile equipment repair services provided by our Fix It Fast Fleet are one of our key ingredients to get you quick repairs when you need them most.

Click Here to learn more about how our Fix It Fast Fleet can help you with fast heavy  equipment repairs.

Emergency Heavy Equipment Repairs

What happens when you’re in dire need of repairs fast?  This is when our Emergency Heavy Equipment Repair Services are essential. “Emergency” repairs typically means you need important repairs done quickly.  And this is exactly what our emergency equipment repairs services known as “Superman Repairs” will provide you. With Superman Repairs, we arm our certified technicians and mechanics with the tools and parts needed to tackle even your most complicated repairs. They quickly load into our Fix It Fast Fleet trucks and head to your location, or you can come to our shop for even faster repairs. Our team then gets to work prioritizing your job to ensure you get critical repairs done fast, so your most important equipment can get back to work for you with little down time. Click Here to learn more about how our Superman Repairs services can help you with your most critical emergency repairs. Click Here to contact us today so you can get fast and flawless repairs for your most important heavy equipment.

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