Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami is a family-owned company with a stellar reputation and decades of experience in heavy equipment repairs.

We’re here to help when you need repairs done quickly, affordably, and correctly the first time.

We're most well-known for:

​Get Fast and Affordable Repairs

    Factory-Certified Technicians and Mechanics

    Our exceptional team is responsible for our outstanding reputation and ongoing success in handling even the most complex repairs.

    Over the years, our team of factory-certified technicians and mechanics has gained extensive experience working on various types of heavy equipment from a variety of manufacturers, including but not limited to:

    Our shop is clean, organized, and capable of handling the largest heavy-duty equipment machines on the market. We have the necessary lifts, tools, and resources to handle complex repairs and replacements and preventive maintenance on an ongoing basis.

    Heavy Equipment We Work On

    We’ve built a superb reputation for providing quick service on a wide range of heavy equipment from an even more comprehensive range of manufacturers. This indicates that you can rely on us for almost all your fleet’s preventive maintenance and repairs.
    As a result, Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami is your one-stop-shop for every one of your fleet maintenance needs. We repair a wide range of equipment, including:

    Services We Provide

    We understand that time is money at Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami, and we know that the faster we finish your repairs, the sooner your equipment is ready to be used to make money for your business.

    This is one of the reasons why we specialize in providing QUICK repairs, no matter whether we repair it in our shop or on-site in Miami and nearby areas.Furthermore, we can provide emergency repair services on short notice, ensuring that you receive the equipment repairs you require when you need them.

    We give you access to the essential repair services, allowing you to get your equipment back up and running as soon as possible. Among the services we offer are:

    One of the many reasons why so many Miami area businesses rely on Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami is that they offer a wide range of services for a wide variety of heavy equipment.

    Our skilled mechanics have decades of expertise in fixing heavy equipment of all varieties. This is why many other repair businesses frequently recommend customers to us to handle the most complex repairs they cannot handle.

    We’re also available when you need us the most, with services like on-site repairs.

    Air Conditioning Repair

    Heavy equipment operation necessitates expertise, concentration, and focus on being done correctly and adequately. But it’s difficult for the team to perform well when they are dripping with sweat because the air conditioning in their equipment is damaged and not operating correctly.

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami focuses on the following services to keep your air conditioner running smoothly:

    Click Here to learn more about the air conditioning maintenance and repair services we provide.



    Cylinder Head Resurfacing

    A multitude of concerns with heavy equipment can be resolved through cylinder head resurfacing.

    Whatever the cause for the necessity for head resurfacing, it must be done appropriately. Once the metal has been removed, it cannot be recovered without paying substantial additional costs.

    This implies that you only have one shot at fixing it right, which is precisely what Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami can assist you with.

    Our professional technicians have extensive experience in resurfacing cylinder heads to repair leaks.

    Click Here to learn more about our cylinder head resurfacing services.


    Windshield Repairs

    Heavy equipment operators put in a lot of effort, and so does their equipment.

    Bulldozers, excavators, trucks, backhoes, forklifts, and other heavy gear are continually subjected to harsh working conditions.

    The windshield serves as protection for the drivers of these vehicles.

    Whenever cracks, chips, or breaks occur, they must be fixed as soon as possible to minimize further damage and keep the operators protected.

    Click Here to learn more about the windshield and glass maintenance and repair services we provide.

    Transmission Repairs

    One of the most significant components that run your equipment is the transmission. It is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. 

    Numerous transmission types may require repair or maintenance, such as: 

    Regardless of what type of transmission your equipment has, the transmission’s primary job is to allow the gear ratio between both the drive wheels and engine to adjust as the vehicle slows down and accelerates.  When the equipment comes to a halt, the transmission disconnects the engine from the driving wheels, causing the engine to idle while the wheels are not in motion.  Also, transmissions enable rapid acceleration from a standstill and allow the engine to run more slowly, reducing wear while the vehicle maintains a constant speed. Transmissions can develop a wide range of problems that necessitate repair.

    Click Here to learn more about the transmission maintenance and repair services we provide.


    Drivetrain Rebuild

    The drivetrain is the system that controls the vehicle’s transmission and propels it forward. The drivetrain’s primary duty is to transmit power from the engine to the wheels via the transmission in order to control the amount of torque.

    When discussing the drivetrain system, technicians may interchangeably use the words driveline, drivetrain, and powertrain. Except for the transmission and engine, the driveline is composed of all of the individual parts of the powertrain. The driveline differs between front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

    Throughout the time, and particularly in extreme climates and working situations, gear oil can break down due to moisture, pressure, heat, and stress, resulting in gear failure and worn-out gears.

    This causes a loud and rough engine performance and a significant decrease in engine efficiency. Regular maintenance is necessary to avoid engine part failure and the necessity for emergency lubricant change.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s driveline maintenance, repair, or replacement of driveline parts. Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami will solve your issues and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

    Click Here to learn more about the drivetrain rebuild services we provide.

    Hydraulic System Repairs

    Hydraulic systems enable heavy equipment operators to make minor movements that result in massive movements in attachments and objects they carry.

    A hydraulic system drives motion using pressurized fluid. To boost the force at the output, the pressurized fluid multiplies the pressure applied to it.

    A hydraulic system utilizes this fluid in cylinders or hydraulic power units (HPU) to perform tasks such as stopping a loader using brakes, lifting a crane, or moving a bucket on a loader.
    A hydraulic system improves the amount of work that the system can do while requiring less effort from the operator.

    It’s what allows a tiny joystick movement to raise a tractor bucket full of heavy stone in heavy equipment operations.

    Click Here to learn more about the hydraulics system maintenance and repair services we provide.


    Electrical Repairs

    Equipment failures and electrical repairs are frustrating for your operators, supervisors, and for the rest of the team, who rely on all machinery to perform to get the job done correctly.

    This means that even one piece of machinery that doesn’t work due to an electrical issue could bring the whole job site to a halt, and it won’t work again until that piece of equipment is fixed. As might be expected, a downtime may add a significant amount of cost and annoyance to your team, operation, and the company overall. Diesel engines are highly complex, as are their electrical systems. Performing any type of repair without a good diagnosis might result in a massive waste of time and money.

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami has the most advanced equipment to swiftly detect mechanical issues and create a road map for our specialists to know what needs to be repaired.

    Click Here to learn more about the electrical system maintenance and repair services we provide.


    Liftgate Repairs

    Liftgates are usually found on various commercial vehicles, especially in box trucks. Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami can assist with a regular preventative maintenance strategy to avoid the need for liftgate repairs.

    When your liftgate breaks down, we can quickly assist and get repairs done. The following are some of the most common problems with lift gates:

    Click Here to learn more about the liftgate maintenance and repair services we provide.

    Preventative Maintenance

    When you do preventative maintenance, you can save 40% over reactive maintenance. This doesn’t include the costs you pay when you don’t use your equipment.

    However, equipment usually doesn’t get the preventative maintenance it needs because it takes a lot of time and money to get it to a shop.

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami makes it so much easier than ever to perform needed regular maintenance for your heavy equipment with our repair services.


    Heavy machinery is subjected to a wide range of dangerous job site circumstances. This causes plenty of problems, many of which necessitate costly repairs.

    Furthermore, the demand for repairs increases when routine maintenance is not done.

    Our Rapid Response Team comprises skilled, factory-certified technicians and mechanics capable of handling even the most severe problems.

    They can promptly detect problems and make the necessary repairs to get your equipment back in operation.

    Emergency Repair

    “Emergency” repairs often indicate that you require critical repairs to be completed as soon as possible. And this is simply what our Rapid Response emergency equipment repair services will offer you.

    Our Rapid Response Team ensures that our certified technicians and mechanics have the tools and parts they need to fix even the most challenging problems on your heavy equipment.

    They immediately load onto our Fix It Fast Fleet vehicles and go to your site; alternatively, you can come to our shop for even faster repairs.

    Our team then prioritizes your job to guarantee that crucial repairs are completed quickly and Box Trucks that your most critical equipment may resume operation with little downtime.

    Click Here to learn more about our emergency heavy equipment repair services.

    For most types of equipment our repair services are available, including:

    Our Fix It Fast equipment repair services are one of the essential factors in providing you with speedy repairs when you need them the most. Learn more about how our Fix It Fast Fleet can assist you with quick heavy equipment repairs by clicking here.


    Repairing a broken part of your equipment isn’t always enough. A variety of concerns might need the replacement of parts rather than repairs. When this occurs, Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami can perform the job correctly and promptly because we have access to parts from most major equipment manufacturers.

    One of the many reasons we’re the best to help when you need it the most is that we have easy accessibility to the essential parts for repairs and the experience to get the repairs done accurately and efficiently.

    We can assist with any form of on-site repair. Here are just a few of the various sorts of repairs that our mobile Rapid Response Team can help with:

    ​Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami can assist with most sorts of heavy equipment maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

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